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Stefano Rivera, SCABAL


"I first met, when she was recruiting the VP Marketing EMEA for Sperian, the world leading manufacturer in personal protective equipment. She was selecting, among the top MBAs, candidates with an engineering background, more than ten years experience in sales and/or marketing BtoB, fluent in the four key European languages and with an international profile. The recruitment process started with a meeting at Carole’s office and as soon as she asked the first questions I realised that she had two main objectives. She wanted to find a candidate that would fit with her customer’s organisation and culture but equally, and that was new for me, a candidate that would be at ease with the challenges and opportunities offered by Sperian. Carole’s particular attention to the needs of both Sperian and myself, went beyond the recruitment process and made obvious to me that she was really committed to both parties satisfaction. After I began in my new position, she kept in contact with me as well as with the HR manager on a regular basis and really helped my integration. Essentially Carole has revealed herself to be a valuable partner. Lately she helped me in recruiting a key manager in my staff and she did find the right candidate who has been successfully integrated into the Marketing community at Sperian. In the end I would recommend Carole to all managers who value the importance of a candidate’s right fit for the company as well as a candidate’s comfort level with the new organisation, as the two items coupled deliver performance."